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Bicher Cancer Institute- Pioneering the modality HYPERTHERMIA as the first line of attack against the fight with cancer!! Inquiry

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International Clinical Hyperthermia Society.


Microsoft HealthVault is a place where patients can have their medical records organized in one area for other physicians to review without you having to reprint, retype and repeat every time you go see a different physician.


Bicher Cancer Institute

mega-menu-imgBicher Cancer Institute is one of the largest Hyperthermic cancer research and clinical treatment facilities located in the United States. Since its foundation in 1984 by James Bicher, M.D., BCI has been committed to the research, development, and clinical use of Hyperthermia, a natural, less toxic cancerocidal modality, to improve cancer treatment results while decreasing side effects of conventional therapies.

To fight cancer with heat is not a secret, but an un-touched weapon that holds promise if we can truely unlock the full potential of this modiality.

BCI's medical expertise is based on 25 years of clinical experience and research in the development of alternative cancer treatments. Most of the Institute's oncology staff, including doctors, nurses, hyperthermia and radiology technicians, and engineers, has been with BCI from the first years of its establishment and possesses decades of expertise in the field of cancer treatment with curative intent.

1Un-paralleled knowledge and experience
Known to his constituates in the scientific medical community as one of the founding fathers pioneering the future of the modility "HYPERTHERMIA" in conjunction with conventional treatment to fight cancer. With over 35+ years of clinical research and proven results other physicians call on our Dr. James I. Bicher, M.D. for his medical expertise in this field.

2Healthcare & Technology
In this ever evolving cycle in healthcare and technology the two finally meet and open a whole new world of options and ideas to be able to access information and to better equipt ourselves with the knowledge to give a better course of action which is more beneficial for our patients.

3Compassion and woldclass care
We know we can not be the first in everything, but one there is one thing that we do strive to be #1 in, which is our patient quality of care. In 2012 we were awarded the "Talk of the Town" award for 100% patient satisfactory award which we, were recommended by our patients.
“I believe in using the forces of nature to create a medicine which utilizes these forces—applying scientific methods and adapting them in a natural way - to harm the body as little as possible. HYPERTHERMIA fully meets these criteria."

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